Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Pissed!

Every time this happens I get extremely upset. It's the same old thing that happens every time, for the past ten years now, and I just can't control it. I don't even think I should try to control it. There are just so many f*^%ing idiotic cowards out there who are unwilling to stand up in their own defense or in the defense of others that an anger just wells up.

WTF People!

Some bastard walks into a segment of the populace that the Gov has made unarmed (who the f*(k listens to that shit!) and then said bastard starts blowing people away. And he has total reign because 1) the Gov disarmed the people 2) The people idiotically followed like sheep to the slaughter and 3) there are too many cowards.

I am not about to say that everyone who died today was a coward. Certainly the fearful are amongst the dead and likely some brave as well. But where were the brave men who could have stood up to a man with naught but a 9mm and a freaking .22! What happened to the education of young men in firearms so that they could identify the weak points of this assault? Did no one realize that firearms have to be reloaded in real life (unlike the movies we've all grown up on) Did no one realize that a single man can only take on people from so many directions? Does no one realize that a single bullet, or even 5 of 6 isn't necessarily enough to stop a determined man?

These shootings sicken me. The sicken me because they can be PREVENTED! 32+ dead at this time. Literally hundreds of lives shattered. All of it preventable. And no, more gun control is NOT the answer. Gun control is what lead to this and so many other tragedies. The Palestinian Liberation Organization used to try these tactics, shooting innocents, but these shootings didn't last long because the Israelis are an armed people. Soon the PLO terrorists were shot down, oftentimes before they could even get a shot off. We can and MUST emulate the Israelis in this. These shootings become worse and will become more prevalent because we allow ourselves to be disarmed.

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."