Monday, March 05, 2007

Continued Immigration Raids

A story in the paper last week on the continued immigration raids warns that if they keep this up that we wont have enough people to clean our businesses and restaurants. This is perfectly true if the economy was a zero sum game, but it isn't. One tiny line in the article stated what would actually happen. It mentioned that the alternative to not having enough people was for employers to raise wages. Somehow, that little nugget of wisdom was snuck in in the second to last paragraph as if that wasn't already the obvious answer.

This particular raid focused on one janitorial company that spans numerous States, the practical affect was to spread out the temporary economic damage/chaos that is caused by such raids. The company lost about 160 employees and if those 160 were all in one place it would cause some upheavals in the local market but as each State lost a few employees it doesn't hurt the economy. It also has the added benefit of utilizing agents across the nation so as to not require a large mobilization and it sends the message all across the nation to the illegals, rather than in just one city or town.

And with each illegal removed other illegals will be more and more likely to self-deport as the cost/benefit ratio changes. This should be the goal. I am all for removing the 12+ million illegals in this country but I think it should be a continual process rather than an overnight one.