Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My new four letter word. Since Comcast took over Adelphia I have not since had a reliable connection. Today it has been 9.5 hours (and counting) of being mostly not connected.

Some examples...
Something smells like comcast
you look like comcast
comcastit all to comcast
you're a comcast
And lets not forget the ever popular "comcaster"

They NEVER acknowledge that there is a problem. NEVER. I always get told that everything is just fine. And each time I call in they tell me they are putting it in the notes that I have been having problems and each time I call in there is never any notes. NEVER. Comcastards.

The other local choice for "high speed internet"? Qwest. Lovely company that they are... one could even say Qwest is Comcastic! but at least Qwest is reliable. But I cannot get them here. So I am stuck with the Comcastic Comcastards unless I want to go with dial up which would mean I would have to have a phone line just for that, you guessed it, thru Qwest. Comcastic!