Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blender Baby Food

Long before Little Bear came about, I happened across a book by Nicole Young titled "Blender Baby Food." This wonderful book has over 125 recipes for making food at home rather than buying the little jars from the stores.

I am happy to report that both peas and green beans are happily devoured by my little one. I am also quite happy about how much cheaper it is than buying the jars. We were in Target today and saw the regular jars on sale for $.89 and the organic at $1.49 a piece.

Now the wife and I made a decision a long time ago about trying to have him (and her while she was pregnant and breastfeeding) eat organic foods. So looking at the costs involved (not counting the blender which was a gift) 1.49 per jar x 2 times a day. $3.00 for one day (plus cereal and formula now) But for that same $3 I was able to buy frozen organic peas and those make enough for 8 or more meals. That is just $0.38 a meal. Today I made carrots. Spent a buck on organic carrots and that will be about 5 meals (assuming he eats them, which I dont doubt he will) So that is $0.20 per meal whereas that same $1 wouldnt even buy a single jar.

So not only do I get to save money I also get to know exactly what it is he is eating. No worries, no wondering. Just pure whole foods that I can tailor to his tastes. If you have a baby and you dont have this book, go check out the link at the top of this post.

A note about organic foods: Organic foods taste different! It seems obvious but often it isnt thought about. Dont believe me? Grab some Quaker Oats and some organic oatmeal and you will find the organic is sweeter. I have heard numerous times that organic milk tastes better but as I dont drink milk I will leave that up to y'all to test.