Monday, June 26, 2006

Econ and Speedcams

Sifting thru I came across a novel was of teaching Econ to younger students. In this case it was fifth graders.

The author, Arthur E. Foulkes, used novel approaches to teach these kids that Econ is all about human behaviors and actions. He demonstrates concepts such as trading, money, and savings in a memorable and easy to understand way.

Found a link to this website showing vandalised speedtraps in the comments over at Difsters blog. Apparently speeding cameras in the UK and Australia are meeting early and regular demises. Quite obviously the gov is making a killing off of them as they continue to repair or replace them.

I suppose these two subjects are connected altho I had no intention of connecting the two when I first posted this. Simply put, cameras such as these are a stealth revenue stream. Nothing more nothing less. It is no more about public safety than are cigarette taxes. Governments or businesses grow and reach a plateau and are unable to expand further unless another source of revenue is found. This often requires branching off into new enterprises. Governments seem to enjoy employing so-called "sin" taxes as they garner little to no sympathy from those whose "sin" isnt being taxed or the rate of that tax isnt being increased.