Monday, May 01, 2006


Are a funny lot.
Just what is it that makes them think their idol worship is okay? And why do they flock in such large groups to see their idols? I mean, with wiccans and whatnot they simply buy/find/make theirs and bring it home to quietly worship, but Catholics go hundreds or even thousands of miles out of their way to worship an idol. Now I am sure that they dont call it worship, but in all honesty it is.

Take this latest example of the "Virgin Mary" appearing in a tree stump. This was just discovered so it will take a bit for the big crowd to come, but the local crowd is already coming. They are claiming miracles, they are bringing of flowers and candles and they are tying "holy cards" of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the tree.

Statements include "Now I am going back to North Platte and I have pictures of the Virgin and the tree. I am going to put one on my husband's grave so he will know what happened here," and "It's amazing that people don't believe in God's world," she said. "This is truly a miracle. People cry when they see it, they are so moved."

Perhaps the reason more people don't believe is because of the idol worship and abject silliness of these people.