Friday, October 02, 2009

Longer School Year Update

I mentioned in my prior post how the additional schooling costs that the extra 12-15% [cost for the additional schooling] is more than any States economy can bare right now.

Well, out comes an item from Fox News titled
Extended School Year Would Have Dire Economic Effects, Critics Say.
Critics say the president's call for a longer academic calendar and a shorter summer vacation will bring on a host of unintended consequences -- including increased costs for school systems, major cuts to the nation's hotel and tourism industries, and a serious blow to summer camp operators.
The consequences would be much farther reaching than that of course. There would be additional taxation leading to a lower consumption rate leading to lower sales tax revenue (which is the cities main revenue generator) and lower employment. This would lead to higher demand for government social services while at the same time reducing the ability of the government to fund those services. And none of that even goes into the reprogramming of the children that will occur at an even greater rate with the longer contact time with the schools.

But on the plus side, at least they won't be getting religious instruction. Or will they?