Sunday, March 08, 2009

Church Shooting

Illinois pastor shot and killed during church service

One more reason to never go anywhere without a firearm. That firearm may not be able to protect you. Sometimes violence is simply too random or unexpected. But that firearm may just be able to save the life of another. One never knows, so one should take steps to always be prepared, because at the very least your preparation will mitigate the circumstances you find yourself in.

Pastor deflected first four shots with Bible.

Our dear commenter Briana thinks that more guns would lead to more violence. What it seems like to me is that after four shots from a .45 I would have had enough time to draw my gun and fire it. Instead of a dead pastor we WOULD HAVE HAD A DEAD ASSAILANT. Accidentally pressed the caps, but the emphasis is perfect. Churches are seen as Gun Free zones, or more accurately as a Victimization Zone. J. Neil Schulman made his book Stopping Power available for free in PDF format that addresses some of these issues. Mr Schulman made this book available for free after the Virginia Tech shootings, VTU being another Victimization Zone where people were unable to defend themselves and shot dead with a lowly .22LR pistol. Schulman rightly believes that wider dissemination of this information and its incorporation will save innocent lives. Lives like that of Rev. Fred Winters.

My advice to the Church. Grieve today. Prepare tomorrow. Don't let these crimes happen again.