Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The subject of Masons was brought up today. As is often the case, this person was under the belief that you can be a Mason and a Christian at the same time. Interestingly, the Freemason's own literature disproves this.

From "Morals and Dogma" written by Albert Pike who is considered to be the 'Father' of American Freemasonry comes these gems.

pgs 566-567 "To retain the rays of Light still remaining among his Eons [demons per this same paragraph. ed.], and ever tending to escape and return, by concentrating them, the Prince of Darkness, with their consent, made Adam, whose soul was of the Divine Light, contributed by the Eons, and his body of matter, so that he belonged to both Empires, that of Light and that of Darkness. To prevent the light from escaping at once, the Demons forbade Adam to eat the fruit of "knowledge of good and evil," by which he would have known the Empire of Light and that of Darkness. He obeyed; an Angel of Light induced him to transgress,"

The King James says that G-d made man and it was Satan that induced man to partake of the tree.

pg 136 "When you shall have become imbued with the morality of Masonry, with which you yet are, and for some time will be exclusively occupied,--when you shall have learned to practice all the virtues which it inculcates; when they become familiar to you as your Household Gods; then will you be prepared to receive its lofty philosophical instruction, and to scale the heights upon whose summit Light and Truth sit enthroned. Step by step men must advance toward Perfection; and each Masonic Degree is meant to be one of those steps."

KJV says All men have sinned and come short of the glory of G-d (meaning we cannot even be perfect) for only Christ (the perfect lamb of G-d) has been found without fault. And in case you missed it, M&D does say "household gods" Our G-d is a jealous god and we are to have no others. Along with the previous point is this from pg 257
"Mithras was the Sun-God, invoked with, and soon confounded with him, becoming the object of a special worship, and eclipsing Ormuzd himself."

Ormuzd is a name the FM have given to Christ. What was that commandment again? No other gods above me?

There is plenty more in this work, but I think I am going to end with this bit from pgs 817-818
"The Templars, like all other Secret Orders and Associations, had two doctrines, one concealed and reserved for the Masters, which was Johannism; the other public, which was the Roman Catholic. Thus they deceived the adversaries whom they sought to supplant."