Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Question for Hefley

Rep. Joel Hefley was on the radio today, and I figured I would try to get thru to ask him a question. Well I did, and I asked him for a statement... "This past week, Patrick Buchanan and WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah have called for the impeachment of Bush over the issue of illegal immigration and Bush's unwillingness to do anything about it"

Hefley replied that it is ridiculous and that this is partisan politics at its worst. Well, I guess you have to guide a congressperson moreso than I did. I should have also mentioned that both men threw their support behind Bush this past election, and both are conservatives. I guess I just figured that even the dimmer congresspersons would know Buchanan's name, and most of the rest would know Farah.

So yeah, it was a bit of a waste, but perhaps it will lead others to check out the reason why two conservatives are calling for impeachment of an allegedly conservative president.