Thursday, June 02, 2005

Human Folly

Seems to me there are two follies we all fall into. Not believing facts because they go against our beliefs, which I posted on previously, and beliving other people think like us. Believing that "so and so" believed, thought, or meant what we believe think or mean. By this I mean we tend to transpose our beliefs onto others. Specifically people of great importance, such as the founding fathers or the prophets and even the Christ.

In vogue for the past 30 years or so is that there is a separation between church and state written into the Constitution. Now obviously there can be no such interpretation from a literal reading of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the writings of those founding fathers or therecords of their debates over the Constitution. However, our current sensibilities tell us that they must have meant that.

Our "sensitivity" now leads us to believe that the FF would have wanted non-land-owners and women to vote. That our FF specifically allowed for abortion, and abhorred the thought of the Bible in schools. We also now believe that the Gov't. should be providing for the "welfare of the people, which leads me to something that is of greater concern... taking this attitude into religion. Going astray on a human document is a mere problem. Going astray in Theology is worse than deadly, it can imperil the soul.

By overlaying "modern sensitivities" over the Scriptures we often end up with something approaching socialism and often totally ungodly. Many times a single verse is quoted or perhaps even an old saying that is purportedly scriptural (think "Cleanliness is next to godliness")

I cant seem to finish this post so I am just uploading it anyways. Ya'll see what I mean, and you can add to it in the comments or argue with me (o= Either way is great.